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"got double of what was originally offered"

I am not the one to go around suing anyone, however, I am also not the one who tolerates bulling  and being treated like a slave, I was let go for sticking up for what i know is right and also sticking up for others at my former work place. I love what I do and had awesome co-workers. Even adored my boss, until they started messing with my hours, bothering me off the clock, dangerous lunch break area, and just treating me as work slave and not as an employee.  Lawyers for Employee and Consumer Rights picked up my case no problem and handled it in a brisk professional manner. They even got double of what was originally offered. All i did was docu sign everything and sit by the phone, these guys are great, they got me the funds i needed to get my life rightly back on track, all thanks to these brilliant men and woman! thank again!

– Steve K - February 7, 2020

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