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"he went after them like i was family to him"

My name is Douglas and i highly recommend lawyers for employee and consumer rights. Inmy case against my previous employer my attorney lonny osterman was great. His knowledge of employeerights was impressive. And he went after them like i was family to him. His drive and determination was impressive.never have met any attorneys likethese guys. He was like a wild dog looking for his bone. There was no stop or slowing down i. Them. Not only did i get what he said but he ended uping it a notch and got me double. WOW. Thank you Lawyers for employee and consumer rights. And thank you Lonny Osterman, i could not of gotten a better lawyer that made me feel comfortable and completely cared for. My only recommendation is here. very fast and 100% dedicated to your case. Thank you very much

– Douglas H - April 3, 2020

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