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I Highly recommend .  I served a COMPANY for a 11 years and I Had Medical issue that lead to my wrongful Termination with a Company I Had 401k in and also PROGRESS to move up. Needless to say I had to see a Therapists over they corse.I Told my therapist my story. She recommended I find Lawyers. All my Dr's Gave me Cleareance to Go back to Work Under California Law and Employer must do so. Well Needless to Say My Employer Did not. That When I The Time I look Up Y'ALL THEY NAME HAS CHANGE BUT Y'ALL WON MY CASE OUTSIDE OF COURT . THANKS Y'ALL  AND I WILL KEEP SHARING YOUR POST. PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT ALONE. DON'T LET NO EMPLOYER DO YOU WRONG! YOU HAVE RIGHTS TO.

– Jeffrey S - September 11, 2019

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