Improper Paycheck Deductions

While employers are allowed to withhold taxes, Social Security contributions, and your share of certain benefits from your paycheck, they cannot make deductions prohibited by law.  You could have a claim for improper paycheck deductions if your employer has made any of the following prohibited deductions:

  • Deducting money from your paycheck to cover a cash shortage, breakage, or “shrinkage” (theft or shoplifting);
  • Making deductions for unidentified returns from commission sales;
  • Reducing the bonus paid to you (if you are a manager) to cover losses in another department or division;
  • Taking back a commission (if you are a salesperson) because a customer has defaulted on a payment installment;
  • Charging employees for lost keys, tools, supplies or other company materials;
  • Deducting any amount at all from a tip left for an employee; or,
  • Deducting the cost of work-related expenses for items provided by the employer, including a required photograph, bond, uniform, work-related expenses or any pre-employment physical or medical examination that is a condition for employment.

If you believe that your employer has attempted to make you pay for business expenses that are by law properly the employer’s responsibility you could have a claim.

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