Unreimbursed Expenses


Unreimbursed Expenses

Employers must reimburse employees for all work-related expenses. If your employer has not reimbursed you for any of the following, you may very well have a claim for unreimbursed expenses:

  • Driving to and from required work
  • Cellphone charges for work-related purposes
  • Postage or overnight mail fees for work-related mail
  • Subscriptions to work-related publications
  • Buying office supplies
  • If you work for any employer with highly specialized equipment requirements and you purchase the equipment yourself (such as buying a required gun or ammunition as well as paying required license fees if you work for an armored courier service)
  • Buying uniforms—which includes ordinary clothes that are distinctive design or color required by the employer

Even if your employer doesn't have a procedure for reimbursing employees for necessary work-related expenses, you're still entitled to your reimbursements. In fact, you don't relinquish your right of being reimbursed if you haven't asked for the reimbursement. As well, you don't give up your right to be reimbursed even if your employer claims you signed a waiver of your reimbursement rights.

It's your employer's responsibility to make sure that you're reimbursed. If you believe you haven't been reimbursed for valid expenses, take action now. There's no charge and everything is kept confidential. Contact us today—the employment law experts at Lawyers for Employee & Consumer Rights.

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