Working Off-the-Clock

Working “off-the-clock” means that you are working without being paid.  You might have an off-the-clock claim if your job requires that you: 

  • Change in and out of special clothes;
  • Change in and out of protective gear;
  • Wait for a handbag or briefcase to be inspected or x-rayed before entering or leaving a worksite;
  • Wait to enter or be shuttled to your worksite;
  • Attend lectures, meetings, or other training programs in connection with your employment; or,
  • Spend time walking to and from a production or other working area before and after shifts.

You are entitled to be paid for all of the time you work. Even if it’s a very short task, you are entitled to be paid for your work. It doesn’t matter that other workers or managers might say “that’s how things are done.”

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