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What Constitutes Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination can narrowly be defined as the action of an employer whoterminates an employee in violation of federal, state, or local laws—or in breach of an agreement or contract with the employee.

“On-Call” Scheduling is “Unfair” Scheduling

Whether it’s called standby, on-call, surprise, or predictive scheduling, there’s one thing for certain: it doesn’t matter what it’s called — it’s an unfair employment practice for hourly workers.

COVID-19 Pandemic has Accentuated Workplace Discrimination for Women

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 2.3 million women have left the workforce.

California Wage Theft

Most California workers have no idea they may be victims of wage theft.

Can Fast Food Workers Sue The Giant Franchises They Work For?

If you work for a restaurant – whether it a McDonald’s or the nicest steak house in town – then you have rights.

Can You Be Fired for Being Sick?

While California is an at-will state, meaning you can be let go for any reason or no reason at all, the issue of being fired while sick isn’t always cut and dry. 

Can You Get Unemployment If You’ve Quit in California?

You can potentially get unemployment if you quit in California. However, there are some criteria set out by the Employment Development Department of California (EDD) that must be met to receive these benefits. 

California Misclassified Employees – The Lies Employers Tell Employees

If your employer MISCLASSIFIED you as exempt from overtime, how much money would that cost you?

California 2018 – The Year of Wage Theft, Workers Rights, and Fired Employees Getting Financial Justice!”

In broad terms, wage theft is the non-payment or underpayment of employees for hours worked, whether intentional or not.

Getting Fired for Fired for Using Legal Marijuana May be Illegal

What happens if you use cannabis legally, and get fired unfairly…then what?

Gig Workers Just Got Some Serious Love From The California Supreme Court!

A late April California Supreme Court ruling could reclassify contractors (gig workers) as employees. What could this mean? A whole lot!

How Much Does My Boss Owe Me If I Am Discriminated Against?

If you get fired for any reason, or quite for any reason, you may be owed money!

If You Got Fired Like These People, What Would You Do?

MOST California employees either wait too long to contact an attorney. Or, they never do at all. The consequences can be expensive.

Lost Your Job Because of the Coronavirus?

COVID-19 has substantially affected American livelihoods because of mandatory stay-at-home orders.  Unless you are one of the lucky whose jobs is considered essential, you probably are unable to go to work.


Wage theft—-when employers fail to pay employees all legally entitled wages—-impacts all employees, across all workplaces, in all states

Pregnant Jack in the Box Employee Gets Fired, Then Gets 1440 Hours of Back Pay

Fast food restaurants, restaurants of all kinds, will continue to steal wages from employees for one simple reason. They can get away with it.

Signs You May Have Been Fired Illegally In California

Most California Employees Have No Idea They Were Wrongfully Terminated Until It’s Too Late

Steps To Take When Being Sexually Harassed At Work

In accordance with federal and state laws, an employer must conduct due diligence in the form of a thorough investigation should an employee disclose a sexual harassment complaint.

Learn what other steps you should take.


What happens when legal medical cannabis users go to work?

Understanding Maternity Leave In California

An employee in California that is medically deemed unable to work as a result of pregnancy and/ or childbirth may be entitled to pregnancy disability leave.

What Are Some Signs You May Have Been Fired Illegally?

Learn more about illegal termination.

What to Do When Falsely Fired for Sexual Harassment?

In California, if you have been wrongfully terminated due to an unfounded sexual harassment claim and can provide sufficient proof that the termination was unlawful, with employment attorney representation, you may be awarded financial compensation and/ or the reinstatement of your job.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Victims Are Calling Lawyers & Winning Cases

We may think that workplace sexual harassment only looks like one type of behavior. Actually,workplace sexual harassment can occur in a number of ways.


While employees may hear their bosses and managers say that they can just fire them for any reason at any time, that is not necessarily true.


Have You Been Fired? Have You Quit? Are You Owed Money?

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