There are many actions that California employers can carry out to intentionally or unintentionally fire employees illegally. In doing so, they mistreat employees and may expose themselves to a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Many California employees are unaware they were wrongfully terminated—until it’s too late

  • When a California fast food worker gets fired for complaining about being forced to work through meal and rest breaks, they may have been wrongfully terminated
  • When a California administrative assistant gets fired for being four months pregnant, she may have been wrongfully terminated
  • When a California truck driver gets fired for having a legal medical marijuana prescription, they may have been wrongfully terminated
  • When a California warehouse worker quits after being harassed and demeaned by a boss, they may have been wrongfully terminated

Do you know the parameters of being “wrongfully terminated?” If you do, you’re way ahead of other California employees. In fact, most individuals who get fired or quit have no idea that there are laws protecting their workplace rights and that their termination may have been wrongful and illegal.

Know the Signs

If your employer violated any applicable California state employment lawsfederal labor laws, or even local and municipal laws, then you may be owed money. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may have been fired illegally.

Were you fired because of—

  • the color of your skin?
  • your age?
  • your sex?
  • your national origin?
  • your ethnic group?
  • your religious affiliation?
  • your sexual preference?

Were you fired because your—

  • employer violated public policy?
  • employer retaliated against you?
  • employer committed fraud?

Were you fired because of your—

  • gender identity or expression of gender identity (whether real or perceived?)
  • military or former military status?
  • marital status (whether real or perceived)?
  • off-duty political activity?

Were you fired because you—

  • requested past payroll records for review and analysis?
  • asked for an accommodation for a medical condition or disability?
  • were on jury duty?
  • made a claim for Worker’s Compensation benefits?
  • were owed money you have actually earned?
  • complained about wrongful treatment?


  • Were you fired because your employer was withholding payment, bonuses, or commissions?
  • Were you fired due to retaliation for failing to perform illegal acts?
  • Were you fired because you were or are pregnant?
  • Were you fired because you were or are taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act?

Did you answer “YES to any of those questions?

If so, act immediately. The law and its protections are on your side. You may be owed money.


Because California is an “at-will” employment state (employers are free to terminate employees at any time) employees think that they have no rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn more about your employee rights. Contact us today.

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