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What happens when someone is sexually harassed at work?

Sexual harassment occurs in many ugly forms: sexual harassment from a co-worker or boss… inappropriate comments… unwanted contact…gross and/or inappropriate emails… or calls… or texts. Or…

Why does the victim stay?

The behavior is intimidating but the employee endures the humiliation. They try to avoid the person harassing or assaulting them. They make the “best” of it. They deny that it’s happening. They keep secret the fact that they’re victims of sexual assault.


Unfortunately, it’s usually very straightforward: The victim needs the job. They need the money. They have heavy duty financial responsibilities at home. Healthcare costs, childcare costs, a host of reasons—they feel trapped in the job, they can’t just leave.

It’s a very threatening and difficult situation.

Sexual Harassment Can Occur in Many Forms

Many of us think that workplace sexual harassment only looks like one type of behavior. Actually, workplace sexual harassment can happen in any number of ways, including:

  • Your boss or co-worker made your employment dependent on sexual favors
  • Your boss or co-worker subjected you to physical acts of sexual assault
  • Your boss or co-worker requested sexual favors
  • Your boss or co-worker verbally harassed you in a sexual nature
  • Your boss or co-worker made unwanted contact
  • Your boss or co-worker made unwelcome sexual advances


If you’re being victimized, ask for help today. Victims of sexual harassment are becoming more empowered every day. In fact, since the beginning of the #MeToo movement—a global movement against domestic and workplace sexual harassment and assault—the number of sexual harassment victims coming forward has risen dramatically. Victims of workplace sexual harassment are standing up and fighting back.

Lawyers are Winning Sexual Harassment Cases

If you feel like you’re being sexually harassed, you are not alone. Recently, there have been numerous large-scale sexual harassment settlements—and all of them started with the victim standing up and asking for help. For example, in Illinois, a jury awarded a victim $95 million in a sexual harassment suit. Here in California, a sexual harassment victim was awarded $168 million dollars. Even the United States Congress paid out $18 million in sexual harassment claims.

You deserve to be free of this unwarranted and dangerous behavior. Please act now.


Because California is an “at-will” employment state (employers are free to terminate employees at any time) employees think that they have no rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn more about your employee rights. Contact us today.

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