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At Lawyers for Employee and Consumer Rights, our legal team represents California employees, tackling all areas of employment law, from unpaid wages to wrongful termination. We’re ready to put our decades of experience to work for you.

We take on the cases that other attorneys say are “too small” and the clients who can’t pay hundreds of dollars in hourly fees for legal representation. That’s because we are a little different from most other lawyers who work in labor law.

If you work in California, chances are you are employed at a job that is considered at-will work. This means that your employer can fire you without having any reason for doing so. However, your employer cannot fire you for an unlawful or wrong reason. If that happens, it can mean serious legal consequences for them.

Don’t take a wrongful termination sitting down. You do have recourse and the law does make provisions for employees who have been fired unfairly to get compensation. Our wrongful termination lawyers can help you get all that you deserve.

Have You Been Fired Unfairly?

Firing an at-will employee for job performance issues is called “for cause” and is perfectly legal. However, no California employee can be fired for a reason that is against the law or that violates an employee’s contract.

If you have a contract and believe your firing violated the terms of your contract, come see us. We’ll review your contract and discuss your case with you to determine if you were fired unfairly.

If you believe you were fired for an illegal reason, come see us.

Illegal reasons for firing an employee include:

  • Retaliation against a complaint the employee has made
  • Using the firing to sexually harass you
  • Violating anti-discrimination laws
  • Violating California labor laws

The best way to know if have a case is to talk to a wrongful termination attorney at our firm.

We Specialize in Wrongful Termination, Demotion, & Discipline in San Francisco

If you are in or around the Bay area, San Francisco, or San Jose, CA, and you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, come see us. We have some of the top discrimination lawyers in the Bay area and they are ready to go to work for you.

When you come to your appointment for your free case review, we will discuss the details of your case and get right to work to build it. We’ll talk to you about evidence, documentation, and potential witnesses.

We will also answer your questions like “can I collect unemployment benefits if I was fired?” and “can I sue my employer if I was wrongfully terminated?” We will make sure that you have all the information and resources available to help you as you begin the legal process.

Finding a labor lawyer in San Francisco who has as much experience, training, and talent as the attorneys at our firm will be difficult if not impossible. When you trust us with your case, we promise to handle it in a manner that is compassionate, sensitive, professional, and efficient.

We will answer your questions, give you resources, and give you a hands-off experience so that you are free to begin the process of getting on with your life. Let us do the dirty work.

Getting fired is tough. Getting wrongfully terminated is more than tough, it’s illegal. You don’t have to just sit back and take it. Stand up and fight. If you have been wrongfully terminated in the Bay Area, our lawyers can help. Contact us today for more information

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