Dealing With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Being the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace often makes an employee feel powerless at work. Sexual harassment can come from owners, directors, officers, supervisors, co-workers, clients – the list is long – and it can have devastating effects that no individual should have to endure without taking action against those responsible. As employees, […]

3 Things To Consider When Settling Unpaid Wages

Unpaid wages can take a serious toll on your finances, leaving you financially strained and without the money you rightfully deserve. Whether it’s due to an incorrect paycheck calculation, an employer forgetting to pay overtime, or just not paying for hours worked, unpaid wages are unfortunately all too common – but don’t worry; there are […]

California Labor Board & The Department of Fair Employment & Housing

Most employers in California are ethical and fair to their employees. Two agencies in the state were created to protect the rights of employers and employees. The California Labor Board and the Department of Fair Employment were created to regulate employment  issues and protect the rights of employees and employers. California has a network of […]

What is Considered Wrongful Termination?

Most people will experience a job termination at some point in their life. The company may downsize or they get laid off, or they are “let go” for some other reason, one that is not legal. The question then becomes how do you know what wrongful termination is? It sometimes takes some time and thought […]

How Unpaid Wages Are Handled In CA

When you perform a job for your employer, you expect them to pay you. More often than not, employers do pay their employees, but some do not. While some employers legitimately believe that they have paid their employees and don’t owe them anything, some are not honest and don’t mind cheating their employees out of […]

Learn About Your California Unemployment Rights

Understanding your unemployment rights under California law can help you with getting your benefits and keeping them as well as what is expected of you while you are receiving them. Here’s what you need to know. Qualifying for Unemployment Anyone who is applying for unemployment benefits in California must meet certain requirements. You must continue […]

Am I Entitled To My PTO or Vacation?

In California, employers are not required to pay for vacations or provide paid time off (PTO) (except for sick leave). However, if you’re a California employee, and your employer does provide vacation benefits or PTO, then your employer is legally obligated to give you all the vacation pay and PTO that you have earned if […]


Lawyers for Employment & Consumer Rights (LFECR) fights for you every day—and we're here to report another win… this time a settlement and back pay for a California mother. Here are the details.


But you can still sue your employer for wrongful termination… What does “at-will” employment mean? The general definition of “at-will” employment means that an employee does not have a written employment contract and that the employer has a right to fire the employee for any reason, at any time, with no notice.


Victims are Calling Lawyers & Winning Cases What happens when someone is sexually harassed at work? Sexual harassment occurs in many ugly forms: sexual harassment from a co-worker or boss… inappropriate comments… unwanted contact…gross and/or inappropriate emails… or calls… or texts. Or…


This is what you should do… California's Fair Employment and Housing Act as well as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for employers to allow anyone to be sexually harassed at work, regardless of one's gender, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. By placing the responsibility on employers, it holds the company accountable for creating a work environment that is free from harassment. Therefore, sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal when employers knowingly ignore its presence and/or do not take the appropriate steps to ensure that the harassment stops.


Were you fired because of your… Age? Sex? Sexual Preference? National Origin? Ethnic Group? Religious Affiliation? If you answered “YES” to any of the above you were probably fired unfairly, and may very well be owed money. Act now.


In addition to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California has state laws protecting both pregnancy and parenting leave. In early 2018, California enacted the New Parent Leave Act (NPLA) that widened the scope of the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). The new law expands on the federal guidelines to provide unpaid leave benefits to eligible employees that work for smaller companies (twenty or more employees).


A survey published by Drug and Alcohol Review found that 5% of California adults over the age of 21 had used medical cannabis at least once for a “severe” condition. 5% of California employees is approximately one million people.

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