What Are My Rights?


Although employment in California is called “at will,” that doesn't mean employers can fire workers for any reason at all.

Have you been wrongly fired or harassed? Not paid overtime? Forced to work through your breaks? Not reimbursed for business expenses? If the answer is yes to any of these questions -- or you think your employer has otherwise violated your rights -- let Lawyers for Employee and Consumer Rights help you recover money or other compensation you may be owed.

California's workplace protection laws are among the country's strongest. It was California that pioneered laws requiring that workers take uninterrupted meal and rest breaks in 1916. Other states and federal courts still look to California when defining workers' rights and setting the rules employers must play by.

This is a summary of the most common employer violations that might entitle you to receiving money compensation, getting your job back, or making an employer follow the law. Many employees are experiencing violations of federal or California workplace-fairness laws without even knowing it. Oftentimes, though, workers rightly sense that something is wrong with the way employers are treating their workers. 

One of our lawyers will help determine if you have a claim by phone.  Or, contact us through our ONLINE CHAT. There is no charge for speaking with our lawyers. Everything you tell us is strictly confidential.

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