California Labor Board & The Department of Fair Employment & Housing

Most employers in California are ethical and fair to their employees. Two agencies in the state were created to protect the rights of employers and employees.

The California Labor Board and the Department of Fair Employment were created to regulate employment  issues and protect the rights of employees and employers. California has a network of agencies and offices to provide information or resources about employment law, wage and hour laws and employee rights.

Labor and employment laws are complicated. A knowledgeable labor law attorney can help guide you through the litigation process. They are familiar with the various agencies and know how to file a labor complaint. They can advise you on your rights, help you file your complaint  and obtain a fair result. 

What is the California Labor Board?

The California Labor Board is a State agency that falls under the purview of the California Labor Commissioner’s office. It is the State’s version of a Department of Labor. 

The California Labor Board’s purpose is to protect the rights of employees and employers and ensure fair paid wages which it does by hearing and investigating complaints by both employees and employers. When labor laws are broken, the California Labor Board is the entity that enforces them. They also provide resources for handling and rectifying situations regarding employment.

If an employee is having a problem with their employer, whether it’s unpaid overtime, discrimination, denial of meal and rest breaks, or some other issue, the first stop in correcting it is the California Labor Board. They can file a labor commission complaint which can result in financial compensation depending on the infraction or issue.

They will listen to the complainant and help them determine if the situation did indeed violate the law and advise them on the best ways to handle it. The agency also investigates claims that employees or employers submit regarding all aspects of labor law, including overtime pay disputes, minimum wage violations, sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal, and other things.

The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) falls under the California Department of Industrial Relations which is part of the California Labor Board. They offer free training seminars on several employment issues like wage and hour laws, preventing discrimination, and sexual harassment prevention. They also enforce laws and orders that are related to safety standards in employment, minimum wage rules, and worker’s compensation, as well as others.

What is the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing?

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is another state agency that is involved in protecting employees and employers as well as others. The DFEH oversees the enforcement of California’s civil rights laws and its mission is to protect the people of the State from unlawful discrimination and harassment in housing and public accommodations, employment, and from hate violence.

In July 2022, the DFEH was renamed the California Civil Rights Department (CRD).

The CRD is empowered to perform several civil rights activities and enforcements, including:

  • Enforce laws protecting civil rights by taking the cases to civil court and prosecuting the violations;
  • Hear and investigate complaints made by people regarding individual and systemic discrimination;
  • Initiate and engage in public outreach in the form of training and technical assistance regarding the legal rights and responsibilities of employers, employees, consumer groups, business establishments, and housing tenants and providers;
  • Facilitate resolution of disputes and mediation involving civil rights.

The CRD has several resources that can be accessed online to help employers and employees prevent sexual harassment and abusive behavior in the workplace. This satisfied the legal training requirements that California law has established. Under the law, all employers who have five or more employees are required to provide training to all employees who are in supervisory positions as well as employees who are not in supervisory positions regarding the prevention of sexual harassment and abusive conduct at work.

The training schedule under California law requires the training to occur every two years for all employees. Those in supervisory positions must complete at least two hours of training while employees who are in nonsupervisory positions must complete at least one hour of training. This training can be completed in segments or all at once; it is at the discretion of the employer as long as the total hourly requirement for each group is met.

We Fight for the Rights of California Employees

We’ve seen enough unscrupulous employers taking advantage of unsuspecting employees. They think that they can back their employees into a corner and they have no recourse because they are independent contractors or undocumented workers, or even part-time employees. The truth is, all California employees have rights – without exception.

If you are a California employee who feels that you are being treated unfairly then we need to talk. If you have faced wrongful termination, denial of meals and breaks, sexual harassment, minimum wage violations, discrimination, or unsafe working conditions, you DO have recourse. You do have the power to fight against these injustices.

At Lawyers for Employee and Consumer Rights, we are dedicated to protecting California workers. Our skilled, educated, experienced team will help you get the best possible outcome for your case and if applicable, the most compensation that you can get.

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