Harassment & Discrimination


Harassment & Discrimination

Federal and California laws protect employees from being subjected to slurs, jokes, or derogatory remarks at work. Both your supervisors and your co-workers can commit various forms of harassment when they create a negative atmosphere based on who you are—and this includes your race, sex, gender, age, disability, religion, nationality, medical condition (including pregnancy) or sexual orientation.

Here's a checklist covering some of the behavior that constitutes harassment:

  • Slurs, derogatory remarks, or jokes based on race, sex, gender, age, disability, religion, nationality, medical condition (including pregnancy), or sexual orientation
  • Unwanted comments, advances, flirting, propositions, or touching of a sexual nature, including demands for sex as a condition for getting a raise or a promotion
  • Photographs or words posted online and/or in the workplace that are visible to you and other employees that make an offensive statement or offer an offensive image
  • Emails, social media posts, or other computer-based comments
  • Any workplace conduct that a reasonable person would find offensive

Therefore, if your employer or other co-workers have subjected you to any harassment and/or discrimination, you may very well have a claim. If you're not sure and need advice, take action now. There's no charge and everything is kept confidential. Contact us today—the employment law experts at Lawyers for Employee & Consumer Rights.

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