Privacy Violations

Privacy-protection laws set forth strict procedures that employers must follow when investigating your background. Your privacy rights might have been violated if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Your employer required a credit check on you at the beginning of your employment (or any time thereafter);
  • Your employer asks strictly forbidden questions, including: your maiden name, whether you own or rent your residence, your national origin, marital status, religion, or your race;
  • Your employer asks you to take a medical examination or seeks access to your medical records for reasons not reasonably related to your job;
  • Your employer asks about any addiction-related medical condition (including methadone maintenance) or demoted or fired you because of substance abuse or an addiction-related medical condition;
  • Your employer seeks access to criminal records for reasons not reasonably related to your job; or,
  • Your employer asked that you sign a form releasing the employer from any liability for making inquiries into your private credit history, driving record, or criminal record.

Both before you’re hired and while on the job you could have been subjected to a privacy violation if your employer has made a prohibited inquiry.

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