Whistleblower Retaliation


Whistleblower Retaliation

A “whistleblower” is an employee who reports an employer's violation of the law and is retaliated against, or punished, by the employer. In fact, California whistleblower protection laws protect employees in a variety of different statutes that cover various situations.

You may have a whistleblower claim if you've experienced any adverse treatment because of the following:

  • Reporting racial, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability discrimination against you or a co-worker
  • Reporting unsafe working conditions
  • Testifying against your employer's unlawful conduct, discrimination, or harassment toward you or a co-worker
  • Reporting illegal action such as government contract fraud, tax fraud, or other financial irregularities
  • Informing the government that your employer has been falsifying documents or operating in a possible illegal manner
  • Filing a lawsuit against your employer

You don't have to be Edward Snowden to see wrongdoing by your employer. But an employee's fear of retaliation by their employer for bringing wrongdoing to the attention of the appropriate authority is often well founded.

If you believe your employer has punished you for doing the right thing, you may very well have a claim. Take action now. There's no charge and everything is kept confidential. Contact us today—the employment law experts at Lawyers for Employee & Consumer Rights.

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