But you can still sue your employer for wrongful termination…

What does “at-will” employment mean?

The general definition of “at-will” employment means that an employee does not have a written employment contract and that the employer has a right to fire the employee for any reason, at any time, with no notice.

In an at-will state, can your employer wrongfully terminate you?

No, they cannot. If they do, they are most likely in violation of numerous laws. While employees may hear their bosses and managers say that they can simply fire them for any reason at any time, that is not necessarily true. There are many employee protections in place, including a number of California state and U.S. federal laws that protect employees, like the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

California employers cannot terminate their employees for any illegal reasons, these include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Sexual Preference
  • National Origin
  • Ethnic Group
  • Religious Affiliation

What are some reasons a fired employee may be owed money from their employer?

If you’ve been fired and/or quit an employer that treated you unfairly, then you may be owed money. While an employer may fire you for any reason, that does not mean that they can wrongfully terminate your employment. If you believe you were fired for an illegal reason, then you may be owed money. Here are some of the major reasons:

  • Were you forced to work through breaks?
  • Were you discriminated against at work?
  • Were you forced to work off-the-clock?
  • Were you not paid for overtime or breaks?
  • Were you fired for being pregnant?
  • Were you injured at work?

If so, then you may have been wrongfully terminated for these or possibly other reasons. You have the right to a free case review with one of our experienced employment attorneys. It’s important to act now.


Because California is an “at-will” employment state (employers are free to terminate employees at any time) employees think that they have no rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn more about your employee rights. Contact us today.

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